No great loss without gain

And just like that my baby turns 1.
November 25, 2008 could probably be counted as one of, if not the most difficult day I had ever experienced. This day in 2008 I lost my younger brother. In fact the week of Thanksgiving has been a really sad week since 2005. I lost my grandpa to cancer November 27, 2004. 10 months later I lost my grandmother, so Thanksgiving 2005 both grandparents were gone. My grandparents were my grandparents biologically, but they raised me and my brothers. They adopted us even. They were really my parents, too.
Anyway, last year, I wasn’t thrilled to be having a baby on the day I lost my brother,  or thanksgiving week for that matter. Truthfully I dreaded it, and was a little afraid something would go wrong.
Well I did have my baby girl and everything was completely fine. And today, although I do miss my brother, and yes there is a sadness there that will remain during this life, I celebrate a happy day today. My baby turns 1!



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